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All your pet transport and overseas pet travel needs in one spot. With or without an animal export company your pet's needs are catered for

at Huntingdale Veterinary Centre. Dr Adrian Fleay is your export accredited veterinary professional, he is an Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service Accredited Vet (AQIS vet).

AQIS accredited vet's at the practice export animals from Perth to all countries including the U.K. , Europe and New Zealand most weeks.

Huntingdale Vet Centre is one of a small group of veterinary clinics in Perth able to perform the tests and treatments required to export your animal overseas. As and AQIS accredited veterinarian, Dr Adrian is able to assist in ensuring your pet receives all the necessary tests and treatments required to qualify for overseas travel. As unique as this may sound many animals travel overseas every day to destinations such as the United Kingdom, U.S., New Zealand and many other countries we would all be keen to visit!

services include:

  1. Rabies vaccination approved by the World Health Organisation     
  2. Other vaccinations (C3,C5,F3,F5)
  3. Rabies titre testing (RNATT)
  4. ISO approved microchipping
  5. New Zealand Babesia and Heartworm testing
  6. AQIS approved medication administration and;
  7. AQIS approved health certification  

Want to know more about pet transport and Animal Export requirements for overseas travel? visit AQIS MICOR for your pet's transport requirements.

Huntingdale Veterinary Centre has a close relationship with some of the largest animal export companies in Perth so in conjunction with them we will ensure your pet doesn't miss it's flight.

Overseas Pet Transport requires a lot of planning and preparation with some countries taking months to qualify for exportation. Call now to organise an appointment or to discuss any special requirements you may have. ph: 08 9493 2199

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