Dr Adrian Fleay (owner) Proud Dad and cruciate surgeon


Dr Adrian Fleay has owned Huntingdale Vet since 2009 servicing Huntingdale, Gosnells, Southern River, Canningvale, Kelmscott, Armadale, Harrisdale, Thornlie pets and their families. As a dedicated sole owner has seen the practice grow to be well known and trusted. Adrian has a genuine passion for the pets in his care and their families. Adrian will ensure you are treated as part of his extended family, he will try his best to meet your needs as well as the needs of your pet. As you would expect he has been highly trained, has been a veterinarian for over 12 years and will rarely need to refer you to another veterinarian for the surgical 

or medical treatment of your pet. Adrian and his family live in the local area and he loves running into his clients at the local shops for a chat.

Dr Adrian is a keen orthopaedic surgeon and has a passion for cruciate disease and cruciate repair in the dog. He has been performing cruciate surgeries on dogs in Perth for over 12 years. He performs Lateral stay cruciate repairs (modified De-angelis Cruciate Repair surgery) on small to medium dogs and the tibial tuberosity advancement cruciate repair on large dogs. Adrian simply enjoys surgery, so even if your dog simply needs desexing he is the vet who will ensure your pets surgery a success.

Dr Adrian and his wife Susana have a young family with two daughters Isabel and newly arrived Marisa. Not only does this keep him busy he is also a keen cyclist and horseman. He has played polocrosse for over 26 years and loves not only the competition but the family atmosphere the sport provides.