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Huntingdale Veterinary Centre has a State-of -the-Art Blood testing Lab!

Why is this important to you and your pet???

This is easy! Most vet clinics rely on having their blood tests performed by a veterinary pathology Laboratory, which in most cases means no results for up to 24 hours!. This can be the difference between life or death for some pets.

Rapid diagnosis and effective treatment is the key to successful outcomes!

Only 15 minutes for blood test results !!

We will save more lives more often with quick diagnosis and effective targeted treatment for your pet. And well that is why we are here!!

We also now offer pre-anaesthetic blood testing. An anaesthetic is a BIG DEAL! Latest studies revealed that 26% of normal cats who had blood tested showed an abnormality! Furthermore, you and I get a blood test prior to an anaesthetic to ensure it is safe to be anaesthetised, we can now do the same for your pet. Liver disease, kidney disease, anaemia and other undiagnosed diseases are the leading killers of anaesthetised pets. We want to do everything we can to make your pets anaesthetic as safe as possible. You can now have the PEACE OF MIND that we are taking every possible precaution.

Another service we are proud to be able to provide you and your furry family members.

img-8        Ongoing training:


        Dr Adrian Fleay has attended an orthopaedic course on advanced cruciate repairs at the University of Queensland. The aim of the course is to enable specialist level surgical correction of torn cruciate ligaments to be performed at Huntingdale Veterinary Centre. This means huge cost savings for our clients with specialists charging upwards of $6000 for cruciate repairs.


 Recent Renovations : Huntingdale Veterinary Centre has been undergoing regular facility improvements since its owners Adrian and Susana Fleay took ownership of the clinic in 2009. If you are interested in having a look around your pet care facility, do not hesitate to ask one of the staff members, they will be more than happy to arrange a personalised clinic walkthrough.








         Dedicated isolation ward

We now have an entire room fitted with cages and medical equipment to completely isolate any animal with a potentially contagious disease such as canine parvovirus or cat flu. These patients are kept well out of contact of our regular patients.






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