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Your Amazing Nurses!


Katie Smith (Senior Cert IV Registered Veterinary Nurse)


Katie is a local, 2016 graduate and former favourite work experience student of the Huntingdale Vet team. Not only is she an amazing client representative, she continues to be a highly passionate, patient advocate ensuring the latest advances in veterinary care are employed at Huntingdale Vet. She is our in-house unusual pet encylopedia who has worked extensively in specialist exotic hospitals and animal rescue.

Katie’s love of nursing, enthusiasm, desire to learn and strong work ethic has her placed as one of our most important team members and highly valuable asset to the clients and patients of Huntingdale. She will work tirelessly to re-unite lost and stray pets though will be the first to adopt an orphaned bunny

Keira Trute (Cert IV Registered Veterinary Nurse)

Keira is a 2020 graduate having successfully completed her nursing course through the COVID19 pandemic.  To most she is already a familiar face having been a long term work experience student but also through her time at  Forest Lakes Shopping Centre. She is a tireless worker who sets high standards and loves her “lists” to make sure she doesn’t miss a thing!

Having grown up with pets and having a special interest in health care her desire to become a vet nurse has been life long.

Keira is very hands on and has excelled as a surgery nurse with a passion for anaesthetic monitoring, patient surgery preparation and anaesthetic recovery. We look forward to her development into a vet nurse superstar!

Eloise Millard (Cert IV Registered Veterinary Nurse) 


Eloise is a 2021 Veterinary nursing graduate who has an extensive background in rescue bird health and welfare. She has been a long term volunteer at the WA Wildlife Sanctuary  and since has become an important part of their medicine team. She has quickly become an important team member who’s resources have been invaluable in our response to stray and displaced animals. 

In what little spare time Eloise has left she loves playing rugby and is also a member of a band that has travelled to Hawaii, the USA and Europe! 

We look forward to watching her grow further into an amazing pet advocate at Huntingdale Vet

Susana Fleay (Owner/Senior Veterinary Nurse)

Susana has been in the veterinary industry since 1996! She has worked in veterinary hospitals, veterinary wholesalers and as a Pfizer state representative. Susana has owned the practice with Dr Adrian since 2008 and has worked in various roles whilst raising two young girls.

Susana prides herself on her surgical nursing and puppy training having managed puppy classes for over 20 years! If you havent attended puppy classes with her your puppy is truly missing out.

She is also an enthusiastic pet mum, with two Budgies “Billy” and “Blueberry” a little maltese cross “Luna”, a German Short Haired Pointer “Archie” and finally their black cat “Loki”….. who we recently discovered has a few adopted families and features in many a family photo.