Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Will my pet and I Benefit from pet insurance?

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Our Huntingdale Vet team are dedicated towards providing the best care for your pet when he or she becomes ill. Having pet insurance means that financial stress is greatly reduced and decisions can be made without having to worry as much about the costs involved.

Dr Adrian Fleay offers a word of advice:
“I would strongly recommend pet insurance to all pet owners and urge you to apply while your pet is still a puppy or a kitten. This will be before any problems have developed and your pet will be covered for most problems. Pet insurance helps take away the stress of potentially large vets bills and allows your vet perform the highest level of patient care available.”

What type of pet health insurance cover is available?

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Pet insurance cover is available as either Accident Only or Comprehensive Cover. It’s important that you choose a pet insurance policy that suits your budget but also adequately covers your pet for injury and/or illness. Double check the fine print so that you are absolutely certain that your pet is covered for any common problems that may be associated with their breed.

Our support staff do not endorse any insurance providers and we do not receive any benefits from any insurance company. We though are happy to discuss your possible insurance needs.

For more detailed information about pet insurance you should contact the pet insurance providers directly.