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Vaccinations for Dogs

Dog vaccines Give them the gift of Protection Which Vaccines are needed for dog’s in Perth?  At Huntingdale Veterinary Centre we recommend the following vaccination schedule. 1st vaccine 6-8 weeks – C3/4 2nd vaccine 10 -14 weeks – C5 3rd vaccine 16-18 weeks – C5 Annual booster – C5 Why…
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A diagram showing the different stages of a dental procedure.

Vet Dentistry

A Passion for fresh Breath Beware! No doggy breath here… Dr Adrian and the vets at Huntingdale Veterinary Centre have a keen interest in pet dental hygiene. Dental disease affects most pets over 2 years old, causing bad breath and is a leading cause of kidney and heart problems. Not…
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Adrian TTa surgery

Dog Cruciate Surgery

the sub heading Before Heading Huntingdale Veterinary Centre, Perth is your premium one stop veterinary service for specialist level cruciate ligament repair without the specialist price tag. Your surgeons have received advanced training in cruciate repair surgeries. Dr Adrian Fleay has attended additional  courses at the University of Queensland to…
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A woman holding a dog in an airplane.

Pet Transport – AQIS Vet Perth

Travelling overseas with Your pet? Trusted Pet Transport Professionals Huntingdale Veterinary Centre is one of a small group of veterinary clinics in Perth with appropriately trained veterinarians able to perform the tests and treatments required to export your animal overseas. Though AQIS accreditation is no longer required by veterinarians it…
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