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Huntingdale Veterinary Centre, Perth is your premium one stop veterinary service for specialist level cruciate ligament repair without the specialist price tag. Your surgeons have received advanced training in cruciate repair surgeries. Dr Adrian Fleay has attended additional  courses at the University of Queensland to further perfect his surgical skill for basic and advanced cruciate surgeries on dogs.


The problem is finding skilled veterinary surgeons in Perth.


Finding skilled surgeons in Perth to perform  cruciate surgeries is becoming increasingly difficult with most vets now referring clients to expensive veterinary orthopaedic specialists for a surgery that has traditionally been performed by your local vet.

Dr Adrian has been performing cruciate surgeries on the dogs of Perth since 2003 with complications rates significantly below those reported in the literature.

If you have answered yes to only one of these questions you should strongly consider Huntingdale Veterinary Centre as your veterinary hospital of choice in Perth for cruciate surgery in dog’s off ALL sizes.

Client Testimonial

My dog Indie is a 2 year old Rottweiler and recently injured her cruciate ligament. After a lot of research, I came across Huntingdale Vet Clinic. I found their website very informative as it had a lot of information about this kind of injury and explained options there were to fix it. I made the decision to book her in and I am glad I did. I found Dr Fleay and his staff explained the process so well (and in plain English!) and I felt so comfortable with the whole process that I left "Indie" there that day to go in for surgery. I would recommend this veterinary clinic to everyone, I live north of the river and I am glad I made the journey to Huntingdale for my dog!"
Lisa B.

So how do you choose what surgery is most appropriate for you and your dog?


Decision 1 – Which type of Cruciate Surgery?

There is lots of information available on the internet regarding both surgeries, but let’s face it we are all busy!! at Huntingdale veterinary centre Your dog’s cruciate surgeon will take the time to fully discuss both techniques offered including the possible complications of both surgeries and the expected outcome – helping make the decision easier and specific to you and you pet’s needs.

Traditional Lateral Stay technique  or Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (other very similar techniques not offered at HVC but that you may have heard of include TTO, TPLO)

Decision 2 – Available Budget?

Once you have discussed the options with one of our veterinarians you will then be offered an estimate of the cost of each surgery for your pet. This cost varies depending on the size of the dog as the pre and post operative medications can vary greatly affecting the final cost
Both procedures are quite costly with the TTA being more expensive though more appropriate for large, active dogs or for those people who want the best return to normal function that can be achieved currently.


Lateral Stay Cruciate Surgery in Dogs

The lateral stay cruciate repair is the traditional cruciate repair performed in dogs by veterinary surgeons for over 50 years, it is well tried and trusted and was once considered the gold standard of cruciate repair. The surgery involves the implanting of a prosthetic cruciate ligament on the outside of the joint to act like the broken ligament. The surgery is generally recommended for dogs weighing less than 20kg but has been used with success in dogs up to 55kg. At Huntingdale Vet we generally recommend the TTA cruciate repair for dogs over 20kg due to the increased risk of implant failure, but for those with budget constraints, elderly patients or those patients with advanced arthritis whereby the extra cost may not lead to a better outcome it can be considered.

Our veterinarians seek to achieve the best possible outcome for your pet regardless of the chosen procedure.


Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA)Read more here

So why choose this procedure, it is more expensive?!?!

Simple – The TTA is the premium cruciate repair technique specifically designed to maximise the function of a dogs stifle damaged by cruciate disease.

If you want your dog to have; 

Now that you are armed with all the right information to make all the right decisions based on you and your dogs individual needs it is time to call (08) 9493 2199