Vet Dentistry

A Passion for fresh Breath

Beware! No doggy breath here...

Dr Adrian and the vets at Huntingdale Veterinary Centre have a keen interest in pet dental hygiene. Dental disease affects most pets over 2 years old, causing bad breath and is a leading cause of kidney and heart problems.

Not only do our pet dentists perform routine cat and dog teeth cleaning (dental scaling). We offer dedicated dental radiology, fillings and pain relief methods. Your vets have attended additional training to bring these services to you at a very reasonable price.

Our focus on vet dentistry starts with a great offer to minimise the cost to you!

Introducing our FREE dental health check and Grade 1 scale and polish from $299*!! T&C's apply

A diagram showing the different stages of a dental procedure.

* Grade 1 dental disease cases only.

Available to new and existing clients.

Grade 1 dental cleans for cats are $299 and for dogs starting from $350 (cost depends on weight)

Flip your pets lip and follow the dental grading chart to assess your pets dental grade. Not sure? Our vet nurses will assess this for you for free!

Dental Disease Signs to Look Out For:

Dental Infections are known by vets to be a the silent killer!

A close up of a dog's mouth with teeth missing.

Dental disease and mouth pain will affect a pet’s quality of life, appetite, behaviour, sensory perception and general well being.

We race to the dentist when we have any pain associated with our own teeth but often neglect our pet’s and it can go unnoticed for months or years. If left untreated dental disease and dental pain can result in long term medical problems. Regular vet checks and a good quality diet go a long way to protecting our pets.

Your pet can have a bright, white "SMELL FREE" smile FOR LESS!

A close up of a dog's mouth with teeth.


*A veterinary nurse will perform the free dental check and advise you of any obvious concerns. They will also provide you with recommendations for dental care, answer any general dental questions and may recommend you discuss your pet’s dental condition with a veterinarian. If you choose to be seen by a veterinarian you will be charged our standard consultation fee.