Vaccinations for Dogs

Dog vaccines

Give them the gift of Protection


Which Vaccines are needed for dog’s in Perth?  At Huntingdale Veterinary Centre we recommend the following vaccination schedule.


Why do puppies need so many vaccines?

When can I take my puppy out now that it has had a vaccine?

We cannot ensure that your puppy will have developed complete immunity against the diseases it is being vaccinated until 10-14 days after our advised third vaccine.

Why does my dog need booster vaccines?

My dog never mixes with other dogs, does it still need a vaccine?

What else should I know?

Depending on your location some infections may be more or less common. Your veterinarian will assess the relative risks based on you and your dogs specific lifestyle requirements and advise you accordingly.

Vaccines have been highly successful in protecting the majority of dogs against diseases such as distemper that were once common but now rare. There are situations in which the immunity conferred by a vaccine may be overcome and a vaccinated dog may still develop disease. In such cases the disease is generally milder than it would have been had the dog not been vaccinated.

Vaccination schedules vary depending on your local area as well as the brand and type of vaccine your vet carries. As a result when you call different practices you will often get different recommendations and prices. Luckily our vaccines are clever enough we can also offer you early finish puppy vaccines, and 3 yearly C3 boosters – you can discuss the pros and cons of these options with your vet.

If you have any further questions or would like to call us to book your puppy or adult dog in for vaccination Ph: (08) 9493 2199