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Dr Juliet Walker BVSc (Associate Veterinarian)

Associate Veterinarian

Dr Juliet Walker BVSc

Dr Jules

Dr Juliet Walker is a favourite among our long term clients. She is well known for her big cuddles, yummy treats and happy smiling face. Jules is a graduate of The University of Liverpool in the U.K. and has been a veterinarian at the practice since 2009. She would say she has become part of the furniture!

Not only is Dr Jules a very popular veterinarian, her devotion to her clients and her genuine respect for your needs and the needs of your pet is unparalleled.

Dr Jules is a keen horseman, regularly performing well in equestrian events, particularily eventing. She has leapt aboard the crossfit craze performing in events such as the tough mudder and her local gyms crossfit competitions. 

Dr Jules’ veterinary interests include veterinary surgery, particularly dentistry and cruciate surgery as well as emergency medicine. 

She is a valuable asset to you and your pet.