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Exceptional Medicine, Extraordinary Dedication, Excellent Care.

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Our Welcoming staff have a genuine interest in you and your pet.


You will get real value for money and you and your pet will leave feeling good!


Huntingdale Veterinary Centre has been servicing Huntingdale and surrounding suburbs since 1985. As a longstanding locally owned business you can be sure you will receive a great veterinary experience.


Desexing, Neutering and Sterilisation – Dogs and Cats

Desexing your pet Great surgeons – Years of experience This can be a scary day for you and your pet…

Microchip Identification of Pets

What is a Microchip ? A grain of rice sized implant injected under the skin It contains a 15 digit…

Vaccinations for Dogs

Dog vaccines Give them the gift of Protection Which Vaccines are needed for dog’s in Perth?  At Huntingdale Veterinary Centre…

Vet Dentistry

A Passion for fresh Breath Beware! No doggy breath here… Dr Adrian and the vets at Huntingdale Veterinary Centre have…

Dog Cruciate Surgery

the sub heading Before Heading Huntingdale Veterinary Centre, Perth is your premium one stop veterinary service for specialist level cruciate…

Pet Transport – AQIS Vet Perth

Travelling overseas with Your pet? Trusted Pet Transport Professionals Huntingdale Veterinary Centre is one of a small group of veterinary…